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Virgin Coconut Oil

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Virgin Coconut Oil: How It Has Changed People's Lives, and How It Can Change Yours! by Brian Shilhavy

More than 100 personal testimonies on the healing power of Virgin Coconut oil and Over 50 Recipes included

Book Description
People losing weight when nothing else worked, new energy and increased body temperatures from those suffering from hypothyroidism, skin rashes and other problems clearing up: these are a few examples of the testimonies from people using Virgin Coconut Oil that you will read about in this book. The book contains over 100 testimonies to the healing properties of Virgin Coconut Oil, and also contains over 75 recipes showing you how to incorporate Virgin Coconut Oil into your diet. Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people's lives, and how it can change yours! is the most practical book written on the health benefits of coconut oil. Based on years of research and the experience of Brian and Marianita Shilhavy, this book documents how tropical cultures eating a diet high in the saturated fat of coconut oil enjoy long healthy lives. It also shows how a premium Virgin Coconut Oil has changed thousands of lives outside the tropics, in helping with obesity, hypothyroidism, diabetes, Candida, infections, digestive disorders, skin problems, and more.
Virgin Coconut Oil: How it has changed people's lives and how it can change yours

From the Publisher
There are new market trends and demands from consumers who are now placing greater value on traditional skills, and healthier food produced "the old fashioned way." Traditional ways of producing food are coming back into the spotlight, as some are questioning whether those responsible for filling the shelves of our grocery stores and supermarkets truly have our best interest in mind, or represent our core values.
In the Philippines, by contrast, about 50% of the population is still small-scale family farmers. Some would see this as a negative thing but others, like Marianita and me, see that this is actually a strength in the 21st century. My years in the Philippines showed me a way of life where people are still connected to their communities and sources of food. While mass-produced foods are undoubtedly choices available to the majority of Filipinos in the 21st century, in most places the community market still operates where one can find "native" or locally-produced foods, much the same as it has been for hundreds of years.
The alarming trend, however, in the Philippines as well as in most developing nations, is the desire to prosper as the U.S. has, and follow the way of industrialization and technology. I am certainly not anti-technology. But I do believe there is great value in traditional ways of producing food. As more people wake up to the fact that there are just certain things in nature that cannot be improved upon by man, because they follow the laws of nature set forth by the Creator, traditional ways will also reap economic value by providing a quality product to the consumer that technology cannot provide.
When Marianita revived the traditional way of making coconut oil, as you will read about in Chapter 1, only a few left in her home community from her parents' generation still knew how to produce this quality coconut oil that we named "Virgin Coconut Oil." A massive training program had to be instituted to teach the younger generation how to produce this quality product. We were within only one generation of losing this traditional skill. A few years later now, we have shown the world what a traditional skill, producing a quality product that cannot be mass-produced, can do economically for the Philippine economy and what it can do for people's health, as is evidenced by the more than 100 testimonies recorded in this book.
This book is the result of four years of research and feedback from thousands of people who have begun to incorporate Virgin Coconut Oil into their diet. We started an internet discussion group called Coconut-info four years ago that grew to over 7000 people, and is now the Coconut Diet Forums. All the archives from past years, which include many of the testimonies which you will read in this book, are stored on You can search tens of thousands of messages for yourself to see what people are reporting about the effects of Virgin Coconut Oil in their lives.
Brian Shilhavy

About the Author
Marianita Jader Shilhavy, CND (Certified Nutritionist/Dietician in the Philippines)
Marianita earned her Bachelor of Science degree in nutrition in Manila. Understanding the nutrition of Filipino foods, Marianita worked for over eight years as a hospital dietician and nutritional counselor in the Philippines, using her knowledge of Asian foods to help people recover from illness.

Brian W. Shilhavy, BA, MA
Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible/Greek from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, and his Master of Arts degree in linguistics from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Tropical Traditions, Inc.

Editorial Reviews

Marilyn Diamond - Best-selling co-author of Fit for Life
God bless you for your tireless service in providing and explaining this ancient health food, which brings so many benefits.

Dr. Joseph Mercola -, best-selling author of Dr. Mercola's Total Health Cookbook & Program
The Shilhavys have done an exceptional job here drawing on their knowledge, experience and highly accessible writing style.

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