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Candida | Candidiasis | Candida Albicans

Candida is the short name for Candidiasis used to describe yeast overgrowth in the body. Candida Albicans live in all our mucus membranes, i.e. eyes, ears, stomach, lungs, intestines, bladder, vagina, etc. It is one of the billions of friendly organisms that has a useful purpose in the body. Candidas is supposed to break the body down by putting out toxins after the body dies. Candida is not supposed to overgrow and get out of control while the body is still alive.

When Candida Albicans is under control one of its purposes is to recognize and destroy harmful bacteria. When it gets out of control and an overgrowth of Candida Albicans results, it causes many health problems. It can result in serious to mild symptoms and can even cause problems with the mind and emotions.

An overgrowth of Candida can happen when the immune system is not strong. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of this because they kill off friendly micro-organisms, especially in the digestive system. Candida is resistant to antibiotics so the imbalance of micro-organisms allows Candida to overgrow raising colonies. Candida colonies excrete toxins that circulate throughout the body weakening the immune system and creating all sorts of health issues throughout the body. Candidas root-like structures penetrate intestinal walls leaving microscopic holes that allow undigested food particles, toxins, bacteria and yeast to enter the bloodstream. This is known as the “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, which can cause food allergies and many other health problems. The damage to the walls of the intestines also results in poor digestion and mal-absorption of nutrients.

Today's standard diet lacks the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system. A weakened immune system cannot keep the Candida in check, allowing it to get out of control.

The resultant Candida overgrowth causes many health problems and symptoms including foggy thinking, fatigue, headaches, vaginitis, arthritis, muscle weakness, joint pain, nasal congestion, digestive disorders, blurred vision, ear problems, allergies, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, headaches, Crohn's disease, loss of memory and many more other health problems.

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