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Where to buy or purchase a Kombucha culture - mushroom - fungus - online?

Fermented foods are easier absorbed by the body. Brewing your kombucha Culture in tea results in Kombucha Tea which is high in beneficial acids known for its detoxifying properties, energising, maintaining a healthy digestive tract and helps balance the body's pH.These products are in high demand from the general public and have proven to be successful in maintaining health. Now that you know where to get your Organic Kombucha Mushroom or Fungus you can make your own fermented beverages.

Kombucha Tea is known as a popular health promoting beverage and natural folk remedy. The Kombucha culture looks like a white rubbery pancake. It is a symbiotic culture of yeast and other microorganisms. The culture is placed in black or green tea with sugar and turns the tea into health giving acids and nutrients. The Kombucha culture feeds on the sugar and, in exchange, produces other valuable substances which change into the drink. The Kombucha reproduces another culture or fungus every brew, so once you acquire your kombucha culture there is no need to buy or purchase another Kombucha culture, mushroom or fungus, you can then pass it on to your friends as a great gift idea. Kombucha Tea is a biological active product fermented with a living culture to become a natural living food high in enzymes. It is a pleasant tasting sparkling healthy drink. Unlike popular carbonated beverages that rob the body of calcium, the natural sparkling effect of kombucha Tea is not detrimental to the body. Most commercial cool drinks are very high in sugar. The fermentation process of Kombucha leaves it virtually sugar free. The sugar and tea with the help of the Kombucha culture, are transformed to valuable acids, beneficial especially for the intestinal tract. There are also anti oxidants in Kombucha Tea through the use of green tea used to make Kombucha Tea.

Kombuchia is know by many Different Names: Kombucha, Mushroom tea, Cajnyj Kvas, Cha Gu, Heldenpilz, miracle fungus, magical fungus, elixir of life, gout tea, Kombucha tea, Russian Fungus, Japanese sponge, the Divine Tsche, Mongolian wine, Indian wine, Fungus Japonicus, Pichia fermentans, Cembuya Orientalis, Combuchu, Tschambucco, Volga Spring, Mo Gu, Champignon de longue vie, Teekwass, Kwassan, Kargasok Tea, Pseudo lichen, Kombucha organism, Olinka, Fungojapon, the tea fungus, Indo-Japanese tea fungus, Tea Kvas, TeaKwass, Manchurian tea, scoby, Gerbstoffe, kambucha, health tea, ferment tea, tea cure.

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