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Kombucha Heating Pad


Kombucha Heating Panels

Our heat pads are very good for  Kombucha and are used a lot. They are also very popular for home brewing and seed raising. There is no need for thermostats or cut-outs because if used correctly they can only heat up to 22 - 24 degrees.
Temperatures that are too high kill enzymes, temperatures that are too low and too slow drying may promote mould. The heating panel is ideal for brewing kombucha tea.

Price is $76 plus $16 postage in Australia only

Kombucha Heating Panel

$76 plus $16 postage

A Kombucha 25w Electric Heating Panel will keep your ferment at a perfect temperature of 80 - 84 0 F (22-30 0 C) and give you full control over the process, no matter how cold it gets outside. For Kefir brewing, the best fermentation temperature is between 22°C and 30°C. Kombucha loves warmth. This is why a constant low temperature can't be compensated with a longer fermentation time, or a constant high temperature with a shorter fermentation time. The dimensions are 29cm x 29cm. Works for Continuous Brew Containers as well.

A kombucha heating pad is robust and a relatively small monetery investment with long-term benefits. Other uses: beer and wine brewing, foot warmer.



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