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URL: http://www.kombuchahealth.com.au

TITLE: Kombucha Cultures in Australia

DESCRIPTION: Kombucha Cultures in Australia. A wealth of helpful information on brewing Kombucha Tea with access to Books and health products relating to Kombucha and general health and well-being

Medical Publications for Kombucha Mushroom Culture

Kombucha fermentation and its antimicrobial activity - The Kombucha mushroom: two different opinions - Lead poisoning from drinking Kombucha tea brewed in a ceramic pot - Studies on toxicity, anti-stress and hepato-protective properties of Kombucha tea - Probable gastrointestinal toxicity of Kombucha tea: is this beverage healthy or harmful? -Subacute (90 days) oral toxicity studies of Kombucha tea - Lead induced oxidative stress: beneficial effects of Kombucha tea - The yeast spectrum of the 'tea fungus Kombucha'

Unpublished Books

Kombucha Unveiled - Kombucha Unveiled 2

Helpful Information

Kombucha for Skin and Hair Care - The UK Kombucha Network - Information on Kombucha - The facination of Kombucha - The Kombucha Tea Network of Ireland - Kombucha documentary evidence - Kombucha's organic acids and caffeine - Caffeine content of various teas - More Magic Mushroom Information - FDA Cautions consumers on Kombucha mushroom tea - The facination of Kombucha - Kombucha Fungus - Directory4Health.com - Health Directory and Resource - Healthy recipes and hints -

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