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How to Stop Candida & Other Yeast Conditions in Their Tracks

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How to Stop Candida & Other Yeast Conditions in Their Tracks
by Valerie Saxion

Feel Great all the time


Book Description
It is estimated that over 90 percent of the population has some degree of Candida or yeast-related overgrowth in their bodies. Saxion defines the problem, provides a self-test for detection and sets forth a practical treatment plan anyone can perform.

Feel Great all the time: How to Stop Candida and other yeast infections in their tracks

About the Author
DR. VALERIE SAXION is one of America¹s most articulate champions of nutrition and natural healing, and she will help you identify, treat, and overcome this hidden problem. A twenty-year veteran of health science with a primary focus in Naturopathy, she is seen regularly on the weekly Trinity Broadcasting Network program On Call that airs worldwide.

First Sentence:
FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS it has been known that a tiny yeast organism (a fungus) called Candida albicans, which lives naturally in all healthy bodies, can cause vaginal problems and skin and mouth rashes. 


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