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Kombucha Phenomenon: The Miracle Health Tea: How to Safely Make and Use Kombucha (Paperback) by Betsy Pryor, Sanford Holst "Would you like to have a miracle come into your life?..." 

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The healthful benefits of Kombucha tea became widely known in America in 1995, largely due to the efforts of Betsy Pryor who co-authored this book with Sanford Holst. They discussed it on Maury Povitch, Leeza Show, CNN, Dateline, CBS This Morning, etc. Learn Kombucha tea's health benefits, how to make it, and how it is used.

Customer Review

Betsy is the person who brought the Kombucha into the United States in the early 90's. She's the expert. In her book she tells you all about it. She gives instructions exactly how to do it safely and how to get the best "tea" possible. The text is comfortable to read. Kombucha is not for smokers though as it tries to "houseclean" the body so smokers can't use it. Kombucha is something you slowly build up on so start with 1/8 cup and then slowly build to 1.5 cups a day over a period of a couple of weeks. Muscle tone, skin tone, energy, etc. will be much improved. A person feels better with it as it is nutrition in a glass. Generally you drink it on an empty stomach like mornings. You "process" it for a length of time (a week+)until the solution has "developed" to the ph needed. You need to use it up before it has gone to far past its best ph level; it can be too tart after it has aged to long. It requires a "start" and a piece of kombucha to begin--green tea/black tea bags, white sugar, pure water and a clean clear glass container, with some muslim on the top to protect it. That's the beginning of the story...Read the book. Try it. Its incredible.

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