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AIM Nutritional Products

AIM Products are NON GMO tested residue-free. These products are grown under organic standards and some ingredients are certified organic. They are tested for the absence of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. This assay looks for over one hundred different classes pf pesticide, fungicide and herbicide residue.  In addition, we also ensure the absence of residual cleaning solvents in over 25 different classes.  The appearance of any of these chemicals will result in an immediate rejection by QA….Where else will you find Quality Assurance like this?

vegetable juice powders

The highest nutrient-dense supplement is vegetable juice, but most people don't have the time to juice vegies daily.

Don't have the time for juicing?..... AIM has conveniently produced dehydrated juice in the form of powder (produced in a way that preserveds tha valuable enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals), where you can simply add water and go. Juice is assimilated into the body within 15 minutes of ingestion.

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AIM Garden Trio

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The juice is spray-dried using a special low-temperature process. This preserves the delicate balance of nutrients and phytochemicals. Free of animal products, soy and wheat
Helps maintain whole body health. Promotes a healthy immune system. A sweet, fruity taste for children and adults with a sensitive palate. Natural flavoring and sweetener. No artificial or synthetic sugar, coloring, or preservatives

Helps maintain whole-body health. Helps maintain a healthy immune system. Provides increased energy. Benefits of juicing without
the inconvenience.


It is important when supplementing that you use wholefoods, rather than specific vitamins and/or mineral concentrates (e.g. Vitamin C, E, etc, or Calcium or Zinc on its own). Vitamins and minerals are designed by nature to work together in synergy and every component of the wholefood is designed to work with the body to be fully absorbed and utilised. Taking mega doses of (say) Vitamin C, may cause an imbalance somewhere in the body.

This is how AIM produces AIM LeafGreens

A combination of juice from young Bean, Pea, Barley and Spinach plants harvested in the middle of the day, when they are about 30cm high and are slow-screw juiced to retain the maximum nutritional value. The juice is allowed to settle and the water is separated away and the nutrient-dense residue is spray dried at less than 50°C so as not to change the nutrient metabolism. After dehydrating, we are left with a dark green (almost black) powder of pure juice nutrition.

nice tasting greens powder

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Green leaf juice powder

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Delicious, triple-chocolate taste. Increased Immunity with antioxidants. Potent combination of greens and natural chlorophyll for optimal body pH. Support for bone health, cardiovascular health. Contains 0 grams of sugar. Natural source of stimulant-free energy. Cocoa flavonols may boost cognitive function and improve mood.

The flavonoid kaempferol improves kidney function and inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol low density lipoprotein (LDL)
• The flavonoid quercetin inhibits the production and release of histamine
• Quercetin can reduce joint inflammation
• Vitamin K is crucial to healthy bone density, may help to prevent the hardening of arteries, and may regulate blood sugar
• Lutein may prevent macular degeneration and protect the skin and eyes from free-radical damage
• Sulforaphane can improve cardiovascular and kidney health

• Rich levels of antioxidants
• Ideal for low-carbohydrate and low-sugar or diabetic diets
• High levels of natural chlorophyll
• Appropriate for vegetarian and strict vegan diets
• Smooth and mild citrus taste
• Potent enough to be taken once a day
• Contains the recommended 200 to 400 μgof sulforaphane daily

Vegetable Protein from Peas

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Free Radicals, Antioxidants and Plants

Your body needs antioxidants to neutralise the free radicals produced in your body daily. An excess of free radicals can lead to premature aging, disease and DNA damage.

Antioxidants are mostly available from plants and come in many varieties such as Vitamin A, C, E, Beta CaroteneGlutathione, etc. Antioxidants are found in their highest levels in Green/red/orange/yellow vegetables and fruit, so the more we consume, the greater the variety of antioxidants we have available to support our body.

AIM have produced a number of natural, plant juice powders in a variety of colours, absolutely packed with antioxidants, namely AIM LeafGreens, AIM Just Carrots and AIM RediBeets.

Protein from Field Peas. Non whey or soy source of vegetable protein. Gluten free and allergen free. Low sugar naturally.


AIM Herbal FiberBlend Raspberry Flavour

AIM Herbal FiberBlend® Raspberry Flavour

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Aim Herbal FiberBlend Unflavoured

AIM Herbal FiberBlend® Unflavoured

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CONSTIPATION... The Primary Cause of Most Diseases.

The average time for regular bowel movements in western society is arount 96 hours (4 days)!

Your body is designed to eliminate daily. To do otherwise is to potentially lay down the foundations of future diseases. A constipated bowel can contribute to (and/or cause) toxic build-up, diverticulitis, haemorrhoids, parasites, Chohn's Disease, Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Leaky Gut, lower back pain, chronic fatigue, lethargy, foggy brain, depression, aching joints, headaches, allergies, skin rashes, eczema, acne, varicose veins, flatulence, bloating, prostate issues, menstrual issues, infertility, joint pain, inflammation, mucus, sinuses and the list goes on. Surprisingly, constipation can even lead to DIARRHOEA, as the compacted, toxic faeces builds up on the inside of the colon wall causing partial blockages in the bowel, sometimes allowing just a pencil-sized channel for faeces to pass through. Therefore the body must pass liquefied faeces in order to try and maintain balance and health. This can lead to regular cycles of constipation and diarrhoea.

AIM Herbal Fiberblend was formulated over 20 years ago in response to the chronic constipation problem the population was and still is experiencing. It removes toxic and fecal build-up in the intestines and colon. It also assists your body to detoxify.

It is most important to clean out your colon (which removes toxins from the body), drink plenty of quality water and fibre (the vehicles to dispell toxins). In turn this begins to detox the liver, which allows the liver to regenerate and be able to detox the rest of the body.
During this time you need to take quality supplements like BarleyLife \ Extra or LeafGreens which supplies most of the nutrients your body will need to replace the displaced toxins. The body will always take a higher quality nutrient over a lesser, toxic nutrient. Also Mag-nificence is good to balance the vitamin and mineral levels, settling your nerves.

Helps maintain regular bowel movements. Detoxifies—removes toxins from the body. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Fiber may reduce incidences of diverticulosis,
colon cancer, and appendicitis.
Eating high-fiber foods is considered a healthy choice for most people, but few of us consume the necessary fiber to cleanse the digestive system adequately. AIM Herbal Fiberblend® is a unique and powerful combination of cleansing herbs and psyllium to sweep the digestive system clean of toxins and food debris. Available in tradition and raspberry flavors and vegetarian capsules.

AIM FloraFood

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composure for stress

Data Sheet

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Maintains digestive and intestinal health. Stimulates/enhances immune system. Maintains healthy cholesterol level. Alleviates gas.
AIM Composure helps maintain your neuro health, especially in regard to dealing efficiently with stress.  AIM Composure is a special blend of the extracts and whole herbs of 8 herbs that work together to help you in times of stress.  You may find yourself more relaxed and when combined with a healthy diet, experience a healthy sense of well being.



AIM Peak Endurance natural energy drink containing adenosine triphosphate ATP

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topical magnesium products

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Replenish B vitamins that are lacking in vegetarian diets. An electrolyte drink mix combining ATP (adenosine triphosphate), electrolytes, vitamin C, phosphorus and B vitamins. It contains only one gram of sugar.
A magnesium chloride supplement that is applied topically through bath crystals, gel, or spray. Topical magnesium is the most effective way to get cellular magnesium into the cells.
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