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Three-Month Nutrition Program



The Whole Journey
Three-Month Nutrition Program

  • Wake up with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement every day
  • Lose weight naturally
  • Sleep better
  • Enjoy perfect digestion without bloating
  • Say goodbye to mental fog
  • Live pain-free
  • Have glowing skin, hair, and nails from the inside
  • Know exactly what to eat, when to eat, and why
  • Get comfortable in the kitchen without spending too much time on food prep
  • Create an incredibly positive relationship with food and self
  • End cravings
  • Never sacrifice taste
  • Recharge your hormones
  • Boost immunity
  • Avoid the doctor by balancing your own body chemistry

Christa Orecchio from 'The Whole Journey' is one of my favorite clinical and holistic nutritionists.
For the last 9 years in her private practice, she has helped countless people heal from the root cause, using food as medicine.
You can catch her weekly "Food as Medicine" segment on FOX.
Christa's put together a FREE video training series where she'll be sharing the following videos that will be emailed to you if you choose to sign up here.
"The 4 Changes That Will Have You Feeling Better 30-50% Better In Less Than A Week"
"No-Fail Techniques To End Insomnia, Brain Fog, and Chronic Exhaustion "
"The Secret To Healing (and Preventing) Cancer Through Food"
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Christa writes:

Dramatically Improve Your Digestive Health (and Therefore Whole Body Health)

How do we do this? By understanding (in plain English) the elements that make for good digestion and following a step-by-step tried and tested method to improve it. This method includes:

  • - Proper food combining
    - Identifying and eliminating food sensitivities, pathogens, and bad bacteria
    - Incorporating healing foods into the diet
    - Healing and rebuilding the lining of the small intestine
    - Repopulating the GI tract with good bacteria
    - Consuming the right type and amount of fiber
    - Making sure there is enough hydrochloric (HCL) acid production to keep food digesting properly and the “bad guys” from sticking around if they try to come back after removal

When anyone is faithful to this process, they can dramatically improve most any digestive issue from bloating, to IBS/IBD, to Crohn's.

Quadruple Your Energy While Losing Weight Permanently 

When you incorporate the right foods for your unique body and fill in nutritional deficiencies essential for growth, metabolism, and hormonal balance, not only do you feel 10x better, you also look 10x better and weight loss happens as a byproduct of achieving greater health and balance. We also achieve this by boosting and balancing the thyroid gland (there is a free, at-home test inside the program) as well as the adrenal glands (the gas tank of the body). Many people are able to cut down or eliminate thyroid medications after successfully completing our program (with the guidance of an MD). This program is supportive for those wanting to recover from adrenal fatigue, Graves' Disease, Hashimoto's Disease, or other autoimmune diseases naturally. It does not include one-on-one or live support, but does provide protocols for all of these as well as a deeper understanding of how they manifested and how to heal them from the root cause. There is a community support section where our entire tribe supports each other and answers each other's questions. TWJ veterans are great about helping new people heal from issues that they have recently overcome.

Learn how to Balance Your OWN Hormones, Heal and Soothe the Nervous System, and Build Lasting Immunity

Learn how to slash inflammation with diet, high quality supplementation, and lifestyle changes. This includes building and boosting immunity with go-to foods and herbs and stress management. This program, in laymen's terms, will teach you how your hormones, nervous system, and immune system all work together and what to address first to get the results you are seeking. Hormonal balance begins in the brain, which is why we talk about creating balance in your neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) while balancing and boosting the hypothalamus and pituitary glands (master glands in the brain) through foods and amino acids. Approaching hormonal balance this way is a holistic approach that allows your body to make the hormones it needs in the right amounts. We also address what to do if you need hormone supplementation and the best approach for that. This program is supportive for those wanting to dramatically minimize the symptoms of MS or other neurological disorders naturally through diet and lifestyle.

Understanding Vitamins and Minerals

There are so many supplements on the market, how do you know which ones are good? How do you know which ones you actually need?

We'll cover:

  • - The most common vitamin and mineral deficiencies
    - The root cause of deficiencies to make sure they don't return
    - A step-by-step guide to supplements to make sure you are using the highest quality, easiest-to-absorb nutrients

    Benefit from my thousands of hours of research into supplements! You'll learn:
    - How supplements are produced
    - The sourcing and quality (of the soil if they are food-based)
    - The excipient list (the “other ingredients” that could be potentially harmful)
    This is all very important to understand when customizing a supplement regimen for yourself.

    Go beyond the kitchen:
    - Detailed information about upgrading bath and body products

Effective, Yet Gentle Detoxification

When you should cleanse? How should you cleanse? The answer is, it depends! A person has to be strong enough for deeper cleansing so you always want to build the body up first before you demand it to work hard to release stored toxins. This program will help you ensure that you are gently detoxifying on a daily basis and will help you figure out which organs and glands to target for cleansing (aka, your "weak points"). Once the body is in an improved state, a safer environment has been created for the deeper aspects of cleansing. We cover all of this in depth and the program includes my 7-day customizable raw food and juice cleanse where you can take this as far as you want (should you be ready to cleanse all the organs, glands, systems, and the blood) or keep it as a gentle reset.

Creating a New Relationship with Food through Mindful Eating

How and why we eat are just as important as what we eat, which is why we dive deep into this in the program. Food is a relationship like any other and if we ignore it, we will have a bad relationship with it, just as we would with a person if we ignored them. By taking the time and presence to eat mindfully (I help you fit this into a busy life) you will discover how to choose foods intuitively based upon what your body is craving to create and maintain a balanced, healthy state. Once you develop this skill, the “bad cravings” and emotional eating can fall away, creating emotional freedom. To feel truly nourished on all levels is one of the best paths to greater, lasting health, which is why we cover this in The Whole Journey program.

Fast and Easy Shopping and Cooking

It's my personal mission to make the health food store your "happy place". After spending 90+ minutes in the grocery store with me, I'm confident that you will be brimming with excitement about all the amazing foods you CAN eat that you won't ever feel deprives as to what you "can't" anymore. You will understand how to shop in a different way and why you'll want to add certain foods into your diet, how to cook them, and how to use different foods together to maximize the others nutrition content. With 3 weeks worth of detailed meals plans (plus a bonus weight loss meal planner) with corresponding shopping lists and over 180 recipes, you will gain MUCH more confidence in the kitchen so that you can make this work as a lifestyle for the long haul.

Creating an Honest, Loving Relationship with Yourself and Others

The Whole Journey is about much more than the foods we eat. We talk a lot about functional medicine and nutrition, vitamins, minerals, herbs, healing foods, and how to heal the physical body. However, in order for healing to take place at the deepest level and in order for it to last a lifetime, one must also address and deepen their mental, emotional, and spiritual relationship to themselves.

  • - How do you talk to yourself?
    - How do you view yourself?
    - What are the limiting beliefs that stand in the way of achieving the health and life you want?

We answer these questions as we address the emotional roots to physical health issues. Practical tools are given in order to help you view health challenges as great opportunities for life lessons that forever add value to your perspective on the world. This section's focus is to enhance your connection to the "bigger picture" of life, affording you a genuine sense of peace and confidence.

This Program Is Right For You If:

  • You are open-minded and ready for positive change in your life
  • You have tried every diet, doctor, nutritionist, and naturopath and still don't have the results you're seeking
  • You have been struggling with digestive, thyroid, or adrenal problems and are ready for a comprehensive, natural approach to overcome them
  • You are ready to be done with diets once and for all and to create a lifestyle that works for you and empowers you
  • You feel overwhelmed with what to eat and how to shop and want someone to break it down step-by-step
  • You're sick and tired of being sick and tired and are motivated to do something about it
  • You want to balance your hormones and lose weight naturally and gracefully without willpower, denial, and deprivation
  • Doctors have told you "it's all in your head"
  • You want better skin, hair, and nails
  • You want emotional freedom around food and to improve your relationship with yourself
  • You are willing to create the time and energy to take yourself through this program and to follow it 100%
  • You are a self-starter

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