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The function of the digestive system is to break food down and turn it into the right chemicals for the body to use. Although the process of food breakdown begins the moment food enters your mouth, the stomach is where the body's breakdown of food really gets serious. This is where an adequate secretion of acids and enzymes is very important. Without them, food particles can not be broken down sufficiently. They begin to ferment and putrefy, causing many health problems. But there is more to digestion than just acids and enzymes. For digestion to proceed in a smooth and timely manner there needs to not only be plenty of enzymes to dissolve food, but adequate fiber to stimulate good peristalsis in the intestines, and good intestinal flora to absorb the nutrients into the blood. A deficiency in any one of these important components:

digestive enzymes
   intestinal flora
...can cause a great deal of distress.

As we age, our stomach produces less hydrochloric acid and fewer enzymes. Besides that, intestinal flora can easily be wiped out by a course of antibiotics, a difficult or prolonged illness, processed foods, even chlorinated water.

As we grow older, our pancreas produces fewer digestive enzymes, and we become less able to unlock the nutrient content, vitamins, and minerals from our food. Enzymes help digest toxic waste and gases from everyday metabolism. Enzymes are vital for breaking down proteins and processed foods, which might otherwise ferment and putrefy in the digestive system. Undigested foods tax our bodies, sap our energy, and encourage the overgrowth of yeast, fungi, and parasites. Ample quantity and quality of digestive enzymes are needed to break down, process, and deliver essential nutrients if we expect our body to maintain good health. However, we eat so many processed, fatty foods and maintain such high stress levels, that our body often can't make enough enzymes to keep our digestive and immune systems functioning efficiently. When our enzyme stores dip, we begin to experience digestive disorders and chronic and lifestyle diseases. Enzyme supplements can provide the digestive support needed to promote and maintain overall digestive health. Enzymes Explained

Friendly bacteria

Millions of good bacteria live within your body, helping you in a whole host of ways. Among the most important of these are those that dwell in your intestines, aiding the digestion of food, and even helping in the manufacture of some nutrients, including B vitamins. Some natural internal bacteria also help to control levels of other microorganisms in the body, such as those that cause thrush.

Unfortunately, when antibiotics are fighting bacteria they do not discriminate between bad infection-causing bacteria and the friendly bacteria that actually assist our well being. This often means that a course of antibiotics can severely deplete the body's natural populations of friendly bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis.

And if you've ever used antibiotics, you may be familiar with the gastrointestinal upset that can sometimes result, with symptoms such as diarrhoea among the most typical. A temporary inability to tolerate dairy products is another common side effect.

Antibiotics aren't the only things that can effect our internal balance, though. Alcohol consumption can take a toll, and even stress can be a factor. Whatever the cause, restoring our populations of friendly bacteria is something many of us can benefit from.

Flatulence and bloating

The digestive process always produces gases – primarily hydrogen and methane – and everyone experiences some level of flatulence. However, what you eat has a big impact on how much gas you release; increased intake of non-absorbable, fermentable carbohydrates like those found in fruits and vegetables can almost double your body's production of gas.

The mix of intestinal bacteria in your body can also influence the level of gas produced as you digest food. Different gut bacteria produce different levels of gas, with those that produce methane causing less trouble than those that produce hydrogen. An acidophilus supplement can aid your gut bacteria balance.

Aside from diet and gut bacteria, though, there are other factors that can cause excessive gas production, such as specific food intolerances. An intolerance for milk products is a particularly common example.

Salt & Spices

Salt plays an important part in the primary processes of digestion and absorption. Salt activates the first enzyme in the mouth, salivary amylase, and sodium chloride (salt) stimulates hydrochloric acid production, a secretion needed for digestion. It is also important in keeping the proper balance of salt to potassium in the body.

But salt has gotten a bad name just like the conspiracy against cholesterol and fat intake. But most salt consumed today is not good for health since it is highly-processed and is loaded with heavy metals and other harmful substances.

The best salt to consume is a good ocean sea salt that is hand-harvested, unprocessed, certified, and contains a natural balance of minerals. One such salt is Celtic Sea Salt, which is very similar to the chemical make-up of our own blood and also provides electrolytes along with over 80 minerals.

Adding Celtic Sea Salt to your diet is the best way to obtain trace minerals. An excellent electrolyte drink is simply pure water with about 1/4 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt for every 6 ounces.

Minerals – The best way to obtain minerals is:

By consuming a balanced diet of real food.
By taking calcium/magnesium supplements.
By drinking good filtered water that contains plenty of minerals, along with at least 1-1/2 teaspoons of ocean sea salt, which contains over 84 minerals, i.e. Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan, etc.
Electrolyte Drink : 1/4 teaspoon of ocean sea salt and the juice of 1/2 of a freshly squeezed lemon added to 6 ounces of filtered water - drink 6 times a day (drink 3 of those glasses with meals to aid digestion).

Mineral Dose: Take a minimum of 1-1/2 teaspoons of ocean sea salt per day in addition to good filtered water that contains minerals.

To improve digestion the following initial steps are recommended:

Some basic guidelines to improve digestion

Sit down and eat
Eat slowly
Chew well
Don't wash your food down
Don' t eat too much
Observe food combining principles
Eat whole, natural foods without additives, colorings and preservatives
Eat foods you aren't allergic to
Avoid raw vegetables until digestion has improved, except for lacto-fermented vegetables, which are actually pre-digested
Use spices liberally when cooking, and add ocean sea salt to foods after they are cooked
Drink about 3-4 ounces of the electrolyte drink (lemon juice and ocean sea salt in water) just before you begin to eat a meal, and sip the remainder of the 6 ounces throughout the meal
Eat at least 1 tablespoon of unheated sauerkraut or kimchi with each meal
Take digestive enzymes as needed

If the chyme (mixture of food, water and enzymes) coming out the stomach does not contain enough stomach acid, digestive enzymes and liquid it will not sufficiently trigger digestive enzymes in the duodenum, which is the first part of the small intestines. Some foods stimulate stomach acid production, but sometimes it is necessary to also take digestive enzymes.

Electrolyte Drink

6 ounces pure water (some people like to use mineral water)
the juice of 1/2 lemon (freshly squeezed)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt (Celtic or Himalayan)
Stevia sweetener to taste (optional)
Mix all ingredients together in a 6-ounce glass.


Your Colon is the Most Important Organ in Your Body!
Find Out Why...

AIM Herbal FiberBlend®& Other Aim Products

Digestion and Elimination


When we ingest food we chew it into small pieces that are easier to break down in the stomach. Insufficient chewing will allow larger, whole pieces to sit in the stomach longer, prolonging the digestion process. Chewing releases saliva in the mouth which begins to break down the food and has an alkalizing affect. Saliva introduces four enzymes into the food, two of which are not available in any other part of the body.
(Refer diagram) Once swallowed, the food moves down the oesophagus into the stomach where it meets a sea of very strong Hydrochloric Acid (1.5 to 2 pH) that “eats” the food into a liquid. From the stomach, the food passes into the duodenum where the gall bladder introduces bile. Bile is created in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. Bile neutralises the acid from the stomach and gives our stools the brown colour. The bile also breaks down fat into small droplets. At the duodenum the pancreas also introduces enzymes and bicarbonate of soda (alkaline) into the mix. Depending on how much sugar has been ingested and how much the blood-sugar levels rise once the sugar enters the small intestine and the liver, the pancreas will release insulin to keep the blood-sugars within suitable parameters. However the pancreas is not so finely tuned and will produce large amounts of insulin (to balance the blood-sugar) and cannot stop immediately, often creating too much insulin which causes us to feel tired after a meal as our body allows our blood-sugar levels to come back up simply by not burning any energy.

If simple sugars are eaten too often an imbalance can easily occur because these sugars are adsorbed very quickly from the small intestine into the bloodstream and will cause the pancreas to dump too large an amount of insulin into the blood stream – causing diabetes over the long term.
An acid, low oxygen system allows Cancer to flourish in the body. Cancer is rarely found in someone with an alkalized, oxygenated system. Eating too much sugar, fats, meat, dairy and processed food will increase your body’s acidity.
After the duodenum the food/bile/insulin mix (thick, brown fluid called Chyme) moves into the small intestine via peristalsis movement (similar to the way a snake moves). Being around 9 meters long, it is the small intestine’s role to break down, extract and absorb the oil and fat based vitamins (A&E), plus sugar, and carbohydrates and minerals calcium, iron and iodine and distribute them as nutrition or energy throughout the body via the liver.
Celiacs (or Coeliacs) who are intolerant to gluten (the protein of wheat and other grain products) often have the origin to this ailment in the small intestine. Cleaning up the putrefied “gunk” will assist in repairing this ailment. Aim Herbal FiberBlend® promotes elimination, rids the body of waste and has a cleaning effect on the bowel.
The lymph is a component of the blood that moves in and out of the blood via the lymphatic or immune system. It is the lymph’s job to distribute nutrients (and fat) around the body and to pick up the rubbish which is then filtered through the hundreds of lymph nodes (glands) which act as grease and toxin traps. Eventually most rubbish is returned to the intestines (via the lymph) for passing. Having a lymphatic drainage massage will help release the stored build-up in the lymph glands, or you can use AIM Herbal Release® to assist with this. It is not always necessary to take this product and your AIM distributor should recommend it if it is needed.
If you eat a fatty meal (e.g.: hamburger, chips and milkshake), the fat from this meal can be measured in the blood within 1 hour of ingestion. It is this fat that clogs the arteries as it travels around the blood, eventually causing heart disease and strokes.



Your Colon is the most important organ in your body.
Most diseases and cancer originate from an unhealthy Colon.
The small intestine exits into the large intestine (also known as the Colon or Bowel) where water based vitamins (like C & B group) and minerals are extracted and sent via the Portal Vein to the liver for cleansing, treatment and distribution around the body.
The liver filters all of the body’s blood every 3 minutes. The liver also produces cholesterol which is the lubricant of the blood (among other functions). If you have hardening of the arteries, the liver senses that it is more difficult for the heart to pump the blood around the body, so it produces more lubricant (cholesterol) which can build up in the arteries along with fats from food. 80% of the body’s cholesterol is manufactured in the Liver from other substances. If you ingest too much fat, you and your liver will become “fatty” (known as fatty liver) leading to sluggish activity by the liver. This is one of the major causes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression. It is difficult to consistently control your weight if your Liver contains too much fat. Toxic, fatty livers can be cleaned.
If the Acidophilus, Bifida bacteria on the lining of the Colon is insufficient due to constipation, excess sugar, antibiotics, steroids and the contraceptive pill, Zeonulin is produced which weakens and separates the Colon wall causing Leaky Gut (also known as Chron’s Disease) where yeast & toxins leach into the liver causing Candida and Allergies.
Water is extracted from the faecal matter in the Colon to make it more solid for passing. At this point about 1-2 kg (100 trillion) of micro-organisms react with the faeces to extract nutrients and produce a stool. About half the faeces passed is made up of micro-organisms. You can see why this needs to be balanced, symbiotic.
Years of ingesting processed foods, such as white flower, white rice, milk, cheese, soy, alcohol and sugar can lead to a build up of mucus (plaque) on the Colon wall. This slows down the peristaltic action leaving a putrefied mess, causing constipation. The average amount of plaque found in patients after autopsies is about 2 kg, some as high as 20 kg (big belly – skinny legs).
Healthy Colons should weigh 1-1.4 kg. Autopsies released in the US show that most weigh 3-6 kg with 25% weighing around 27 kg.
The Colon is made up of the Ascending, Transverse and Descending Colon. Often (due to parasites and plaque build up on the Colon wall) a blockage can develop in the bend between the Transverse and Descending Colon, causing the Transverse Colon to distend (swell) with the build up of toxic faecal matter which will encourage the Transverse Colon to prolapse (drop). For men, this makes them look fat (big belly, skinny legs). For Women, this places pressure on the uterus, leading to PMT symptoms and gynaecological problems.
Medical Journals point out that the Colon is the body’s 2nd brain and you can heal people with depression by cleaning out their Colon. The colon is connected to the brain via the Vagus Nerve and most of the body’s neurotransmitters are in the Colon, not in the brain. Of those 1/3 of the nerve impulses are from head to gut and the greater 2/3 pulse from gut to head – who is in control here? Remember terms like ‘Gut Feeling’? Parasites in the Colon can produce chemicals that paralyse Serotonin and contribute to Depression. 95% of the body’s Serotonin (originally thought only to be a brain chemical) is found in the Colon.
Depression can also be caused by previous trauma, lack of zinc or heavy metal toxicity, but is basically a chemical imbalance that affects the way we think.
Ongoing constipation will cause diverticulitis which causes small pockets of the bowel wall to “pop out” and these can fill with faeces and become infected. Finally your food reaches the anus where it is eliminated. Again, constipation will cause haemorrhoids, both internally and externally as blood vessels are popped out due to the strain. This can often lead to bleeding.
There is no blood present inside the entire digestive tract so if you notice bleeding occurring in your bowel motions, take notice.
“Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)” A Syndrome is a name given to a series of symptoms giving an overall condition where the cause is not known. Therefore IBS can be any, or all of the above “diseases”.
There are 4 organs of elimination; the bowel (liver & anus), kidneys (bladder), skin and lungs. If toxic matter cannot be eliminated through the bowel (liver) or kidneys (because they are overwhelmed), the skin can sometimes be the next elimination organ used and can become scaly, red and sore as toxins eliminate through the skin. This is often referred to as Siriasis or Eczema, so rather than rub cream into the rash, an internal Colon cleanse is incredibly helpful.
How Often Should I Go?
Though it varies from person to person, in general proper bowel elimination is considered to be once for each full meal per day with each movement requiring no more than 18 to 24 hours of transit time. At least once a day, preferably 2-3 times a day. Research around the world has shown that one decent bowel motion every day can be a sign that you will lead a relatively healthy life. The incubation period for most parasites is 36 hours, so you should expect bowel movements more regularly than that.
Amazingly, the AVERAGE bowel transit time in the USA is 96 HOURS!!! (4 Days)
The colon, like every other organ in your body and needs live food and exercise. It would enjoy a break just as you do so you may consider longer periods without food. You may choose to eat with your natural digestive rhythm and fast each morning or through research of your own you may find a day of fasting each week beneficial. How would you like to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Think of your colon as your friend and try to give it a little help.
A good elimination is a firm stool 3-4 cm in diameter, light yellow/orange/brown in colour (unless you have eaten beets, greens or a lot of meat) that floats and has odour similar to stale compost. If it sinks and smells, pay attention to it. Work towards “Fluffy Floaties” instead of “Stinky Sinkies”. You can achieve good bowel habits as you add raw food, good water, exercise and AIM Herbal FiberBlend® to your daily routine.

Causes of Constipation

  • Dehydration – insufficient water consumption (water does not include tea or coffee)
  • Lack of Fibre
  • Stress - eating on the run and stress hinders the natural peristalsis (creeping) movement of the colon
  • Parasites – Parasites extract the nutrients from your body and leave behind their waste for you to build your imperfect body.
  • Hormones – insufficient supply of hormones - 50% of the population suffer from Thyroid disease
  • Milk – According to “The China Study” dairy products are not good for you and contain proteins that (if you are genetically susceptible) can trigger long term terminal diseases.
  • Lack of Exercise – Exercise creates enzymes (walking stimulates bowel peristalsis)

Remarkably constipation can also trigger regular cycles of diarrhoea as the body is unable to solidify Chyme after a constipated motion and the Chyme passes through as a liquid (i.e. little nutrient uptake). This can be due to a build up of mucus plaque on the Colon wall. Seek medical advice for prolonged cases of diarrhoea.

How Constipation Can Happen

If you eat breakfast at 8 am - 4 hours after (12 noon), breakfast should have reached the end of the small intestine (1) by which time the oil soluble nutrients should have been absorbed and the remains are ready to be passed into the colon for water soluble absorption.
At 12 noon lunch is ingested too, which by 5 pm has reached the end of the small intestine (1) and breakfast has fully entered the ascending (2) and transverse (3) colon.
Also, at 5 pm dinner is eaten, and by 9 pm has reached the end of the small intestine (1), lunch has reached the ascending (2) and transverse (3) colon and breakfast is sitting in the descending (4) colon, ready for release.
If the waiting stool is not released at this time, 4 hours later lunch backs up (at 4), then dinner. At the very least, a full bowel motion next morning will relieve matters.

Failing this, breakfast is ingested, then lunch, then dinner again. By day 2, if you have not passed a motion – you are CONSTIPATED - feeling bloated, irritable and uncomfortable as the colon distorts to contain the excess faeces. Constipation can cause Diverticulitis, Haemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut, Lethargy and Fatigue. Chronic constipation leaches toxins into the liver causing numerous allergies and Candida leading to cravings for fat and sugar based foods, increasing body fat. For more information on constipation see: www.colonhealthinfo.com

How to Support for Your Colon & Body

Professor Geoffrey Bland came up with the ‘4Rs’ in Colon health:

  • Remove everything that is Toxic from your body and diet – Eliminate unsupportive food, organisms and toxins. Cease eating processed food, most of which contains MSG under the guise of Flavour Enhancer or Food Additive 621, etc. MSG contributes to addiction to foods. Drink good clean drinking water. Eat fresh produce, hormone free meats – organic where possible.
  • Replace Digestive Enzymes - Have an immune system booster.
  • Re-inoculate with Friendly Organisms – Take Pro-biotics (AIM FloraFood®) daily.
  • Repair the Leaking Gut – The best way to do this is through regular Fibre. The average person only consumes 12g of fibre per day; we require at least 40-50g.
Increase Avoid
  • raw tomatoes (alkaline)
  • Cold Pressed Olive Oil
  • Fresh Fruit &  Vegetables
  • Salads, Sprouts, Onions
  • Brown Rice
  • Nuts (except peanuts)
  • Carrot Juice
  • Beetroot Juice
  • Lemon Juice
  • Molasses (blackstrap)
  • Quality Salt (Himalayan or Organic Sea Salt) your body needs Minerals to take up vitamins and enzymes
  • Quality Water
  • Cooked tomatoes (acid)
  • Sugar - say no more
  • Soy products – blocks nutrient uptake leaches out zinc, magnesium, introduces aluminium & GE products
  • MSG & Aspartame (artificial sweetener found in low sugar - dietary products)
  • Dairy products (cream is better than milk)
  • Tuna (hard to digest) and other large fish (e.g. Shark, Mackerel, Marlin) – they accumulate Mercury
  • Pork – most pig products are fed GE Corn & may contain parasite cysts that cause seizures
  • Margarine – not food, made artificially
  • Deep Fried Foods – transfats are not food
  • Peanuts – have a fungus that contains a dioxin & are acid forming
  • Soft Drinks – ferments in the intestines & leaches calcium from the bones
  • White Bread / Flour / Rice – builds plaque on the Colon wall & clogs the body’s passages
  • Table Salt – leached of minerals
  • Chlorinated Water – kills bacteria in the gut

What is Leaky Gut in simple terms?

In 1984 the Journal of the American Medical Assn (JAMA) published a report that said any Yeast infection in the body (vaginal, ears, sinus, etc) is a spill-over of the Yeast infection (imbalance) in the Colon. Some yeast is normal – but when you drink chlorinated water, take excessive Antibiotics, too much sugar, preservatives, sweets, coffee, milk, processed food, and have a lack of B complex vitamins our bodies become imbalanced. Sugar and fat are excellent hosts for yeast to feed upon.
The main cause of Sinus problems comes from a yeast infection (Candida). Cleaning up the colon relieves Sinus congestion.
Medical Journals tell us that all of the upset, imbalanced bacteria in the Colon can begin to produce antigens or proteins that are toxic (toxic bacteria) because of the above situations. These are so irritating to the Colon that they cause the Colon wall to be permeable (or the cells that make up the gut wall become separated) and toxins leak through the space created in the Colon wall into circulation throughout the body and bypass the filtering/enzyme producing processes of the Liver.
The European Magazine “Gut” released a report saying that they have isolated the very chemical that these bacteria produce that separate the cells and allow the toxins to circulate into the body. They call these chemicals Zeonulin. Leaky Gut Syndrome is at the heart of many diseases that spill over from the Colon to the body and circulate back into the Colon, then the Liver, causing the Liver to become toxic.
Leaky Gut stresses the Endocrine system (Immune System) and is involved in many mental diseases, autism, arthritis, inflammation, heart disease, asthma and allergies. 60% of the body’s immune system is found in the Colon which points out the importance the body places on keeping the waste in the bowel (and its possible effect) separate from the rest of the body.
The 1st line of defence in the body is the mucus (good bacteria) on the Colon wall, 2nd is the Liver where whatever is passed “legally” from the Colon to the rest of the body travels via the blood to the Liver for processing and is then distributed around the body.

When the Liver is overwhelmed by toxins from the Colon it begins to try to attack these toxins – but it does this imperfectly and produces its own immune complexes that are worse than the original toxifying substances and they start to attack the rest of the body producing auto immune diseases with the thyroid, the adrenals, inflammation of the heart, arthritis, etc
When the Heart and the Brain falter, it is usually because years before there was a problem in the Colon. The Colon is the foundation of our well being.

Herbal FiberBlend & How to Use It

AIM Herbal FiberBlend® is on the TGA register of therapeutic goods

AIM Herbal FiberBlend® is a mixture of fibre and herbs that has been specially formulated for maximum contribution to the daily diet. More than 20 years of research and personal use went into the development of AIM Herbal FiberBlend®. AIM Herbal FiberBlend® is an exclusive formulation available only through AIM Distributors (members).

Recommended 1st Order 3 x (375g) Containers
This is enough for at least 3 months supply for 1 person.
Min. purchase to access wholesale prices is 2 x HFB
No Postage on your 1st Order

AIM Herbal FiberBlend®:

  • Helps maintain healthy digestive function
  • Assists in the maintenance of general well being
  • Aids in the prevention of constipation
  • Promotes elimination and rids the body of waste
  • Has a cleansing effect on the bowel

  • Drink plenty of Water (at least 10 glasses a day) - NOT Tea or Coffee. This will assist in the movement of waste, toxins and parasites.
  • We suggest (if the taste is unpleasant mixed with just water) that you have your dosage with either: apple, pineapple or grape juice. Not Orange juice – it is too acidic. HFB must be mixed well, so if you do not have a hand blender (available from your distributor for $6.50) we suggest pouring water or juice and HBF into a container with strong lid: shake well and then drink before it thickens.
  • American Teaspoons are different than the Teaspoons we use in Australia. So use a 5 ml metric teaspoon measure.
  • Begin with just 1-Teaspoon of Herbal FiberBlend (HFB), twice a day in water 20 mins before Breakfast & Dinner. Follow each serving of HFB with an extra glass of water.
  • After 1-2 weeks, step up to 2-Teaspoons [heaped] (as above).
  • Initially you may find that you open your bowels 3-5 times daily. This will balance out after a while. This is simply the body trying to return to a proper balance.
  • If irregular bowel conditions continue consult your AIM Distributor or Health Care Professional.
  • Become educated and study what you have passed through your bowel. After a few months use, you may observe a long strip of what looks like black rope (or snake skin) - this is the old encrusted plaque lining of the intestine wall that has been blocking the uptake of nutrients for many years.
  • Read the book “Cleanse the Body and the Colon for a Happier you Using Herbal FiberBlend” by Theresa Schumacher and Toni Schumacher Lund, available from your HFB supplier.
  • If you are taking supportive health supplements such as Barley Life, Redibeet®s or Just Carrots®, it is best to take these around one hour (or more) after ingesting HFB. HFB will act as a cleanser and the health supplements will assist in building better cells through promotion of whole body nutrition.
  • Some will gain relief from bloating within days, others will find themselves bloated after using HFB for some time - this is because HFB has released some hard matter and is finding it difficult to move through your bowel. In some cases this can cause inflammation in the bowel. In this case, increase your water intake and take Cascara Sagrada capsules (available from your health store) until the bloating feeling passes. Cascara Sagrada will help soften the hard matter.
  • Use quality salt such as Himalayan Salt or Organic Sea Salt to assist in proper body hydration. Your body needs good minerals to take-up water and vitamins.

What's In AIM Herbal FiberBlend?

The ingredients of AIM Herbal FiberBlend® works together to help your body help itself.  Following are the common and scientific names of the herbal ingredients. Depending on the flavour, Raspberry Flavour has raspberries added.
These carefully chosen ingredients are blended in strict proportions.
Each 2.5g (level 5ml metric spoonful) contains:




Juglans nigra (Black Walnut) Seed Husk


Rhamnus purshiana (Cascara) Bark


Hibiscus sabdariffa (Hibiscus) Flower


Equisetum arvense (Horsetail) Herb


Chondrus crispus (Irish Moss) Whole Plant


Glycyrrhiza glabra (Liquorice) Root


Rosa canina (Rosehips) Fruit Flesh


Avena Sativa (Oat) Stem


Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow) Root


Capsicum annum (Cayenne) Fruit


Yucca Baccata (Yucca) Root


Verbascum thapsus  (Mullein) Leaf


Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower) Leaf


Plantago asietica (Psyllium) Husk


Cucurbita maxima (Pumpkin) Seed


Ulmus rubra (Slippery Elm) Bark


Viola odorata (Violet) Leaf


Hamamelis virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf













Water-soluble fibre dissolves in water and is found in oat bran, legumes, Psyllium, nuts, beans and various fruits and vegetables. It forms a bulky gel with water in the intestine to assist the flow of waste materials through the digestive tract.
Insoluble fibre can’t be dissolved in water. This type of fibre includes the un-dissolvable parts of plant walls and is found in greatest amounts in cereals, bran’s and vegetables. The primary function of insoluble fibre is to collect water, which increases stool bulk in the large intestine. This promotes bowel movement, and as the bulk works its way through the intestine, it scours the intestinal walls of waste matter, keeping them clean and healthy.
Psyllium, which is the main fibre source in AIM Herbal FiberBlend®, has over eight times the bulking power of oat bran. Psyllium is approximately 75% to 80% dietary fibre, and this breaks down to 65% soluble fibre and 10% to 15% insoluble fibre. The herbs in AIM Herbal FiberBlend® bring you a wealth of nutrients. 14 herbs contain iron, 14 contain B-complex vitamins, 13 contain calcium, 13 contain vitamin C, and 13 contain potassium.

Herbal FiberBlend Q&A

Directed to and answered by Teresa Schumacher (formulator of AIM Herbal FiberBlend® [HFB])
Q:        How many eliminations should I have?
A:        Everyone is different. We suggest one to four eliminations a day, one for each meal eaten. However it is okay to have just one complete bowel motion each day. They should be of a good consistency and not loose like diarrhoea.
Q:        If I should not drink with my meals, then when can I take a drink?
A:        Because they dilute the digestive juices and create more work for already overburdened systems, liquids should not be taken with a meal. A small glass of wine is okay: in my native country it is used to aid digestion. It is best to drink a half hour before meals and an hour after meals.
Q:        Can I take Herbal FiberBlend while I am pregnant?
A:        Seek advice from a healthcare practitioner, but generally HFB aids in the prevention and relief of constipation during pregnancy. Contact your AIM Distributor for more information.
Q:        Can I take Herbal FiberBlend when I am nursing my baby?
A:        Seek advice from a health practitioner, however, HFB promotes elimination and rids the body of waste as well as assisting in the maintenance of general well being which is supportive of this situation. Contact your AIM Distributor for more information.
Q:        How does AIM Herbal FiberBlend help whole body health?
A:        AIM Herbal Fiberblend® provides you with fibre. This helps you maintain bowel regularity, excrete toxins and scour the intestinal walls. A regular, clean body is a key step to maintaining overall health.
Q:        What can I expect when I take AIM Herbal FiberBlend?
A:        You may notice more regular bowel movements and more complete evacuation of waste. As the fibre ‘cleans’ your system, you may notice common cleansing symptoms, such as rashes or feeling tired. Take AIM Barley Life® to help with your energy levels (promotes whole body nutrition). You may also feel stomach cramps (pain in the belly) from time to time, but this will pass as you cleanse your Colon. Again, contact your AIM Distributor for more information.
If you have any questions about AIM Herbal FiberBlend® please contact your Distributor (on the front cover of this booklet) or email AIM Australia at: aimaustralia@aimintl.com, or visit www.aimaustralia.com.au

Some Experiences

I am a 35 year old lady who has recently been diagnosed with a "Twisted Colon". Ever since I was a child I have suffered constipation, with up to seven days between eliminations. I suffered from chronic lethargy, poor concentration, haemorrhoids, and became very overweight. A kind friend introduced me to a vegetarian diet, however as the years passed I found I needed more fruit to stay regular requiring a 75% raw diet. I still experienced pain, gas and constipation.
About a month ago I discovered AIM Herbal FiberBlend®, which has made an incredible difference to my whole life. I now visit the toilet at least twice a day; I can eat foods other than just fruit and raw vegetables, without dread of pain, and do not have the bloated feeling all the time. I am a happier, vibrant person and I enjoy life a whole lot more than before.                                                                                              D. Martin NSW
 (Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person)

Since the age of about 15 I have suffered from constipation. It would take from 1 day to 3 weeks to pass a bowel motion.  My stomach was hard & bloated & I was unable to pass wind.  I was tired & not sleeping, had poor concentration & focus and was unmotivated.  My only wish was to feel relief from these symptoms that I have had since my liver surgery at 15 years old.  After implementing many suggestions from medical practitioners & natural therapists I have over the years experienced only temporary relief.  On several occasions a friend (Michael) recommended I take the AIM Products so I finally decided to give them a try.  Now 6 months later I have not looked back.  Within 3 days I experienced bowel movements 2-3 times / day taking the products as directed by my AIM Distributor. The products I took included AIM Herbal FiberBlend, AIM Composure & AIM Garden Trio. I have never felt better and at 35 (April 2008) am now a proud AIM Distributor and my passion is to offer support and compassion to others experiencing similar symptoms. 
Jennifer Scriha – Aim Distributor
(Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person)
Working in country Victoria, single and 30, I had visited Doctors, Chiropractors and Osteopaths with abdominal and back pain, headaches, mood swings, lethargy, flatulence, belching, overweight, cravings, itchy anus and ears, hemorrhoids, lack of sleep, anxiety and chronic constipation for many years. The visit to my 6th Doctor left me with a referral to a psychiatrist. “Was I going mad?” The Psychiatrist charged $150 an hour, leaving me grossly despondent. “Was this all conventional medicine had to offer?”
After 10 years I moved to Queensland, married and gave birth to 2 children, and my bowel problems intensified.
Following the death of my mother from bowel and liver cancer, I had a Colonoscopy. The Specialist diagnosed Irritable Bowel, Leaky Gut and Diverticulitis and told me to increase my intake of Psyllium Husk. I felt so bloated and it didn’t really help. So I sought answers through natural remedies.
In 2003 a Kinesiologist diagnosed PARASITES in my bowel. He explained that 80% of the population carries Parasites in their bodies. He recommended ‘Herbal Fiberblend’ for 3 or more months. Within days I noticed about 100 white lumps in the toilet bowl after each motion, rather like I had eaten loads of blanched almonds - these were intestinal fluke.
I started to feel lighter, happier, less belching, gas, bloating, etc and more energy and vitality. After a few weeks I lost 3 kilos, my appetite had decreased and I seemed to want to drink more water. The pain in my joints had gone completely, though my lower back still had pain. By this time my husband and 5 and 6 year old children had joined me with daily servings of Herbal Fiberblend.
That Tapeworm!
Then something happened that changed my health, wealth and quality of life. Upon my second visit to the loo for the day, I felt a large lump moving under my rib cage. Then I felt a huge release, I looked into the bowl and immersed in white mucus was a 2-3 meter Tapeworm. No wonder I had been ill for so long. I must have been hosting my Tapeworm for years and I had no idea how it got there!
Instantly I felt a completely different person and have never looked back. I still take Herbal Fiberblend daily now because health practitioners recommend a minimum of 30 grams of fiber a day. Herbal Fiberblend also strengthens the lining of my bowel and after many years of constipation, my bowel lining was very thin and weak, and besides, I did not want parasites to reinvest.
If I had left it any longer, I could have easily been diagnosed with Crones Disease, Colitis or Cancer. Transit time of food through the digestive system should be 18–24 hours, any longer and the food ferments, then putrefies and starts leeching toxins into the blood – the foundation of many diseases. I am told we should have 2–3 relaxed bowel movements every day.
Now I am 12 kg lighter and the back and joint pain, headaches, etc have all gone. Sometimes we have to hit the wall before we take responsibility for our own health, or we can learn from what has happened to others and take action.

Debra – Beechmont Qld
(Results may not be typical and may vary from person to person)

Cleanse, Then Build Healthier Cells

Herbal FiberBlend will do an excellent job at assisting your bowel to cleanse.
The AIM Companies have developed a number of products to help with your nutrition during the rebuilding process - from herbs that help relieve nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety to excellent nutritional foods that supply your cells with the nutrients needed. Regularly ingesting these Herbal and Nutritional supplements may assist the restoring of normal body function.
From our experience, supplementing your daily diet with the AIM products can be extremely beneficial in maintaining whole body health/nutrition. They are simply for the promotion of whole body nutrition and normal body function.  You can take any of these supplements whilst taking AIM Herbal FiberBlend.

Some Possible Detoxification

Clogged sinus
Flu symptoms
Cold symptoms
Skin rash
Stomach ache


(Source: The AIM Companies Website www.theaimcompanies.com)
What is Detoxification?
Detoxification is the term used to describe the process your body goes through to get rid of toxins.
Detoxification symptoms - both physical and mental - may appear when you alter your lifestyle by starting something new, such as changing your diet or exercising, or by discontinuing a current habit, such as eating chocolate or drinking coffee. These symptoms include headache, stomach ache, cough, diarrhea, skin eruptions (rash), clogged sinus, and fever, as well as feeling rundown and irritable. The symptoms may be of short duration and slight irritation, or they could last longer and cause you considerable discomfort. 
Because these symptoms are the same as those that show up in certain illnesses, changing your diet or lifestyle can result in misunderstanding: If I am doing something that is supposed to be good for me, why do I have these symptoms? Why do I feel worse, and not better?
Understanding this apparent contradiction is perhaps the first, and most important, hurdle you must get over when making a dietary or lifestyle change. If you consider this contradiction carefully, however, it is easy to understand.
Think of how you might have experienced this on a short-term basis. If you do not get regular exercise and then play some softball with your kids, the next day you might feel bad—tired with sore muscles. This is your body reacting to something that it is not used to doing.
You can see the same thing when you stop a regular activity; if you regularly drink soft drink and stop for a while, you may notice that you have less energy and you may even have a headache. When you change your diet or lifestyle, the same thing happens; your body reacts to the change. 
Why does this happen?
As we live, toxins accumulate in our bodies. Some of these are due to our diet and others are due to the environment around us. Of course, our lifestyle also fits in - if you smoke or use alcohol you are accumulating even more toxins.
When you make a change in diet or lifestyle, through stopping an unsupportive habit or eating better, your cells begin to eliminate the toxic substances. Before finding the exit however, the toxins are released into the bloodstream and are carried through the circulatory system. This transportation and elimination may result in headache, diarrhea, or constipation, and often toxins are eliminated through the skin, resulting in rashes or skin problems (especially if you are prone to such problems).  You may also feel a lack of energy, especially if you are eliminating meats from your diet. (The protein found in meat is more stimulating than that found in vegetables.) You may also find that with the absence of toxins, you absorb substances more easily. Thus, the sugar and caffeine in a soft drink might really set you off.
In a nutshell, we could say that the body always goes for quality, and when the food coming in is of higher quality than the present tissue, the body will discard the present tissue because it wants to make room for tissue created by the higher-quality food.
How severe are the symptoms and how long do they last?
How long the symptoms last and how severe they are depend on your lifestyle before making a change and how quickly you make a change. If you have a diet heavy in red meats, for example, and become a vegetarian overnight, you might have severe symptoms for a time. If your lifestyle changes are gradual, the symptoms could be less severe. 
The duration of the symptoms might not be linear; there is a greater chance that they will come in cycles.  At first you may feel great and then experience some detoxification symptoms. After the initial toxins are flooded out, you will feel good again, if not better.  However, the body “goes deeper” and finds more toxins to eliminate; the symptoms may reappear again, and after more toxins are eliminated, you will feel better yet. As things progress, you will find that the period of symptoms is shorter and the period of well-being greater.
What can I do during this period?
The hardest thing for many people to do is accept that they are not sick and realise that the body is cleansing itself. Once you get beyond this psychological barrier, the process becomes easy. The most important thing to do can be summed up in one word: Rest!
Rest, and let the body do what it needs to. If you have the luxury of staying home, do so! If not, cut back on social engagements and perhaps even cut back on any exercise you are getting. Give your body as much energy as possible to do its job. Eat light foods that are easy to digest—consume fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.


The Body Ecology Diet:Recovering your health and rebuilding your Immunity by Donna Gates

Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats

Great book for digestion



Powerful Colon Cleanser

AIM Herbal Dietary Fibre for Body and Colon Digestive Health

AIM Herbal FiberBlend®

AIM FloraFood

AIM FloraFood™

One way to help maintain digestive health is to be aware of and take care of our intestinal flora – the trillions of bacteria that make the digestive tract their home. AIM FloraFood® contains a special blend of three powerful friendly bacteria – L. gasseri, B. bifidum and B. longum. Friendly bacteria promote the production of B vitamins, break down and rebuild hormones, protect us from environmental toxins, and help to maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. AIM’s special formula requires no refrigeration. Maintains digestive and intestinal health. Stimulates/enhances immune system. Maintains healthy cholesterol level. Alleviates gas.


AIM Prepzymes - Digestive Enzymes to help digestive problems

AIM PrepZymes® provides a range of digestive enzymes specially formulated to help you digest the modern, high-fat, high-sugar diet. Papaya fruit aids in protein digestion and has a soothing effect on the stomach, while alpine wild garlic contributes to antioxidant activity. This unique formula also contains 8 active digestive enzymes to replace the natural enzymes lost in overly processed foods. PrepZymes remains an excellent way to thoroughly digest food while also promoting detoxification. Improves assimilation and utilization of food. Allows for more thorough digestion of food. Increases energy. Specially designed for high-sugar, high-fat, “industrialized” diets



Natural Electrolyte Energy Sport drink

Natural Low Sugar Electrolyte Energy Sport drink


AIM Barley Life

AIM BarleyLife™

AIM BarleyLife® is an all-natural, green barley juice concentrate that helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. The power of BarleyLife is found in the nutrients of young barley leaves. Research has found that green barley juice is abundant in enzymes, essential amino acids, and is rich in antioxidant ability, anti-inflammatory activity, immune system support, and cholesterol-lowering effects. The result is a feeling of total wellness. Helps maintain whole body health. Promotes a healthy immune system. Provides increased energy. Offers unique and powerful
plant antioxidants

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