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AIM BarleyLife range of products

Whole body health is achieved when all body systems are in balance. No single body system is targeted - we make choices that keep all systems toxin-free and that supply all systems with optimum nutrition. The result is total wellness: waking up every day feeling great! AIM BarleyLife® is an all-natural, green barley grass juice powder concentrate that helps provide the daily nutrition you need to develop a strong foundation for your good health. Aim BarleyLife® is available in a number of varieties: AIM BarleyLife® (traditional) powder, cherry-apple flavoured AIM BarleyLife® Xtra powder, AIM BarleyLife® no kelp powder, AIM BarleyLife® capsules, and AIM BarleyLife® Nutrition-on-the-go single packets.

Barley grass - a wide spectrum of potent nutrients

Research in the late 20th century revealed that young barley grass is the most nutritious of the green grasses. While barley has been used as a grain since ancient times, the value of barley as a grass was overlooked. Japanese researchers discovered that the young, green barley grass was an incredibly complete source of nutrition containing a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, enzymes, chlorophyll and phytochemicals. They also discovered that young barley is at its nutritional best before the beginning of the reproductive cycle, when the plant channels nutrition to the seed heads. In fact, when harvested at this early stage, young barley leaves have a different chemical makeup from their adult counterparts.

A dilemma arises when we, as humans attempt to derive nourishment from this nutrient-rich barley grass. We are not equipped with the enzymes to break down the fiber in the barley grass and release the nutrients. Thus, without intervention this nutrition is not soluble and therefore not bioavailable to the human body.

As research progressed on young barley grass it was discovered that when grass was juiced and fiber removed, this vast nutritional storehouse was unlocked for human use - it became bioavailable. However, the nutrients in the liquid state were quite fragile and must be consumed within a very short time to retain their nutritive value. To provide a longer shelf life one more step was needed to make this barley juice readily available to humankind.

A Unique processing method

How can the nutrients in barley grass be kept from oxidising and losing their potency? AIM uses an advanced processing technology, in which the barley leaves are harvested with state-of-the-art equipment when their nutrients are most potent and alive. Within minutes, the leaves are juiced (not milled, as in many other barley grass products) and processed using the most advanced and efficient cool processing method for maximum freshness and nutrition. Maltodextrin is added to the juice to act as a buffer between the enzymes and other molecules, stabilizing and maintaining the nutrients. The juice is spray-dried using a special low-temperature process. This preserves the delicate balance of nutrients and phytochemicals. This nutrient-dense whole food becomes an ideal fast food. We call it AIM BarleyLife®. Among these nutrients several deserve a closer look.

Lutonarin and Saponarin

Lutonarin (7-0-GIO) and Saponarin (7-0-GIO) serve as very powerful antioxidants. Lutonarin is the superior antioxidant of the two and is found in high concentrations in AIM BarleyLife®. Research in New Zealand has observed that lutonarin and saponarin content in barley leaves increases with UV exposure. This indicated they may provide antioxidant protection against environmental stresses.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin needed to maintain proper blood clotting. Recent studies have also shown positive results in relation to vitamin K and maintenance of bone density. A study at the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center foe the Aged found that a healthy diet containing ample amounts of vitamin K may help to ensure adequate bone density and protect against osteoporosis and hip fracture in postmenopausal women. AIM BarleyLife® products contain between 84 percent to 100percent of your Reference Dailly Intake (RDI) of vitamin K per serving.


Chlorophyll has been studied for its potential in stimulating tissue growth and in stimulating red blood cells in connection with oxygen supply. A remarkable similarity has been found between chlorophyll and the red pigment in the blood. According to an article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, chlorophyll fed to laboratory animals reduces absorption of three dietary carcinogens: heterocyclic amines (found in cooked muscle meat), polycyclic hydrocarbons (found in smoked and barbecued food), and aflatoxin (a mould on peanuts). The chlorophyll formed complex compounds with carcinogens while they were in the digestive tract, limiting their bioavailability.

Chlorophyll also removes carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and has been found to reduce fecal, urinary and body odor. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Chlorophyll is one of the most fragile nutrients in AIM BarelyLife®. By testing for chlorophyll content during processing and throughout the shelf life of the product, AIM's Quality Assurance team insures the viability of nutrients in AIM BarleyLife®.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin plays an important role in vision, growth and development, immune functions, red blood cell production, reproductions and the development and maintenance of healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes. In the vitamin A family, beta-carotene (found in AIM BarelyLife®) is the most efficient of the carotenoids for conversion to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is also an important antioxidant known to protect cells. It is implicated in cardiovascular health and is believed to have anti-cancer benefits.

Folic Acid

Folate is a water soluble B vitamin that occurs naturally in food. Folic acid is a form of folate that is found in some food and also in supplements. Folic acid helps produce and maintain new cells. This especially important during periods of rapid cell division and growth such as infancy and pregnancy. It is needed to make DNA and RNA, the building blocks of cells. Reseach has shown that women who take folic acid before and during pregnancy have a 70 percent reduction in incidents of spina bifida and other neural tube defects. Folic acid also hepls prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer. Both adults and children need folate to make normal red blood cells and prevent anemia. Three servings a day of AIM BarleyLife® provides approximately 20 percent of your RDI of folic acid.

Meet the family...

AIM Barley Life

AIM BarleyLife® powder

  • 10.58 oz (300g) powder.
  • Improved as a result of implementing incremental adjustments at every stage in the production process of this year's harvest.
  • Provides a full spectrum of nutrients.
  • Enhanced taste and texture for more mild, enjoyable taste and smoother mixing.
  • Grown in clean, green, pristine areas free from ground or industrial pollution.
  • Tested to be herbicide, pesticide and fungicide free.
  • Free of animal products, soy and wheat.


AIM BarleyLife capsules

AIM BarleyLife® capsules

  • Traditional AIM BarleyLife® in convenient 280 vegetarian capsules.
  • Provides a full spectrum of nutrients.
  • Capsules dissolve rapidly for excellent assimilation and absorption.
  • Breat for travellers and people on the go.
  • Free of animal products, soy and wheat.


AIM BarelyLife Extra

AIM BarleyLife® Xtra powder - when taste makes all the difference


AIM BarleyLife® Extra is a delightful, cherry-apple flavoured green barley juice powder. Naturally sweetened with fruit and vegetable powders and Lo Han (a furit specifically chosen for its sweetening ability), AIM BarleyLife® Xtra provides a healthy, nourishing alternative to the plethora of sugar-filled drinks available today. Children and adults alike enjoy this smooth, pleasant drink. When tast makes all the difference, reach for AIM BarleyLife® Xtra.

  • 10.58 oz (300g) powder.
  • Provides a full spectrum of nutrients
  • Children love AIM BarleyLife®Xtra.
  • Adults with a more sensitive palate choose AIM BarleyLife® Xtra.
  • Natural flavouring includes the powders of 15 fruit and vegetables and a natural sweetener, Lo Han.
  • No artificial or synthetic sugar, colouring or preservatives.
  • Free of animal products, soy and wheat.
  • Each 6g serving of AIM BarleyLife® Xtra contains 5g AIM BarleyLife®.
  • Great source of Vitamin C - a 6g serving contains 34 percent of the Recommended Daily Intake.

How to use AIM BarleyLife®

  • Take two teaspoons or six capsules 2 to 3 times per day. Many people start with one teaspoon of three capsules per day and gradually increase their serving every four to five days.
  • Young children begin with 1/4 teaspoon per day and gradually increase to 1/2 teaspoon or two capsules per day.
  • Athletes and others who may be under excessive stress often take larger amounts, sometimes as many as 6-9 teaspoons or 18-26 capsules per day.
  • Since mixing AIM BarleyLife® activates the nutrients, drink it immediately after mixing it in water or your favourite juice.
  • AIM BarleyLife® delivers the greatest benefits when taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before or two hours after a meal.
  • Because heat and acidity can affect enzymatic activity, it is recommended that AIM BarleyLife® not be taken in any or the following: prune juice, carbonated drinks or hot drinks.
  • Your may take AIM BarleyLife® with other AIM products. To receive the greatest absorption of nutrients, take AIM Herbal Fiberblend® one hour before or 30 minutes after taking AIM BarleyLife®.
  • Close tightly after opening and store in a cool, dry, dark place (70-75°F; 20.1 - 23.8°C). Do not refrigerate.

Q and A

Can I take AIM BarleyLife® while taking medication?

As Long as your health practitioner has not forbidden you to eat salads or green vegetables, you can use AIM BarleyLife®

Is there anyone who should not use AIM BarleyLife®?

AIM BarleyLife® is whole food concentrate, so most people should be able to take it. Those with severe medical problems or complications should consult a health practitioner before introducing something new to their bodies. Those on a restricted diet (especially in regards to 'green foods' ) should also consult a health practitioner.

I started taking AIM BarleyLife® and I feel worse. Why?

When you make a change in your diet, your body often goes through a cleansing known as detoxification. This can manifest itself in fatique, rashes and headaches. It is your body flushing out toxins. For more information, see AIM's Detoxification data sheet.

What is maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a soluble (dissolvable) complex carbohydrate that acts as a buffer to keep enzymes and other molecules apart so they do not react and denature (lose their healthful properties). It is not a simple sugar (dextrose, fructose, sucrose, table sugar, corn syrup, etc) and does not behave like a simple sugar. AIM's maltodextrin is derived from cornstarch.

AIM Barley life powder What makes AIM BarleyLife® so smooth tasting?

A state-of-the-art spray dryer delivers very small particles. The small particles result in maximum dispersion, providing more uniform distribution in liquid. The small particle is extremely soluble in liquid, producing less grittiness and great taste. The result is a smooth texture, great taste and excellent solubility when mixed in water or juice.

How much natural sugar in each 5g serving?

Each 5g serving contains only 1g of natural sugars, derived mainly from the barley juice.

AIM Barley Life capsules Are capsules completely vegan?

Yes AIM BarleyLife® capsules are completely vegetarian on composition and acceptable in a vegan diet.

How quickly do the capsules dissolve?

AIM's vegetarian capsules have been shown to dissolve within 5 to 10 minutes in water. Dissolution may be more rapid in the stomach's acid.

AIM Barley Life Extra powder Why is Lo Han used in AIM BarleyLife® Xtra?

Lo Han, shortened from Lo Han Kuo (plant name: Siratia grosvenorii) is a member of the cucumber and melon family. Used for centuries as a sweetener in China, Lo Han's sweetening ingredients, mogrosides are 300 times sweeter than sucrose when extracted with water and dried. This allows us to minimize the amount of natural flavouring added and maximizes the nutrients from the barley juice, fruits and vegetables while providing a delightfully sweet fruit taste.

Is there more vitamin C in AIM BarleyLife® Xtra than in the other varieties of AIM BarleyLife®?

Yes, the percentage of vitamin C per serving is larger in AIM BarleyLife® Xtra than other AIM BarleyLife® products. Acerola cherry powder, used in AIM BarleyLife® Xtra is one of the richest sources of natural vitamin C available today. The 15 natural fruit and vegetable powders used as flavouring in AIM BarleyLife® Xtra bring their nutritional content to the mix, enhancing the nutritional profile, including increased levels of vitamin C.

Is the 'natural cream flavour' from dairy cream?

The natural cream flavour is a comination of naturally derived ingredients that mimic the taste of cream. The ingredients are derived from vegetable sources only and acceptable for vegans. The 'cream' does not contain dairy products.

Benefits and Features


  • Helps maintain whole body health for a strong foundation
  • Delivers two to three times more nutrients, per serving than found in a typical serving of green vegetables
  • Assists in fulfilling the new Food Pyramid recommendations by providing six to nine fruit/vegetable portions per every three servings of AIM BarleyLife®
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Increases overall energy
  • Offers unique and powerful plant antioxidants
  • Contains live enzymes
  • Includes a complete profile of amino acids - considered the building blocks of life
  • Enhances performance for those with active liver - athletes, business professionals, parents on the go
  • Provides anti-inflammatory action for healthier joints and tissues
  • Exhibits cholesterol-lowering effects
  • Gives you the advantage of juicing without the mess


  • Built on more than 25 years of safe and beneficial use by AIM Members
  • Developed through more than 25 years of research
  • Holistic approach to crop management
  • Grown in clean, green, pristine environments
  • Crops only cut once
  • Natural cholorphyll
  • Neutral pH
  • Prue juice, not mulled grass; minimal fiber present
  • Nutrients in natural proportions without synthetic or genetic modifications

Download this AIM BarleyLife® FactSheet

Barley Powder 360g Canister @ $73 ea
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AIM Barely Life Capsules 280 Capsules

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AIM Barley Life Extra powder 360g Canister @ $78 ea
AIM Barley Life Extra powder AIM Barley Life Extra powder  


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AIM Disclaimer
The information contained in this booklet is educational and general in nature and is not intended as legal or medical advice. The subject matter and applicable law in all legal and medical areas is in a constant state of change. The information provided is from general sources, and, although we believe it to be accurate, we cannot represent, guarantee, or warrant that the information contained in this booklet is accurate or is appropriate for the usage of all readers. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Testimonials were gathered from clients who have used AIM products and may not be typical for every person. Results may vary per person

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