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The Inside Scoop on Bowel Health


A book written in simple layman's terms so you can easily understand how your digestion and elimination system should work, and why it probably doesn't...

Book Description

After surviving five seizures and looking at a prognosis similar to his parents, Ramiah researched, took responsibility and made changes to his lifestyle to become fit and well again.

Save yourself a lot of time, effort, money and pain by reading his easy-to-understand logic and informative solutions.

$29.95 - Free P & H

Bowel Health Book

If you are taking any of the AIM Nutritional Products or are making positive lifestyle changes to your health, this book will definately keep you motivated.

Barely Juice Powder


If you buy/order any AIM Nutritional Product you can get this book for only $20


AIM Herbal Dietary Fibre for Body and Colon Digestive Health

AIM Herbal FiberBlend®

Most illnesses get worse through constipation due to unhealthy, filth clogged colons which is a natural nest bed for parasites. AIM HFB helps maintain a healthy digestive function by cleansing the body of waste. It is a mixture of fibre and herbs specifically formulated for its contribution to daily diet. Powder available either unflavoured or raspberry flavoured.

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reduce pH levels with AIM Barley Life

AIM BarleyLife® and AIM LeafGreens™

Make sure you are getting enough greens by eating fresh vegetables and supplementing your diet with nutrient loaded AIM BarleyLife® or AIM LeafGreens™. Taking either product (or both at separate times during the day) has a natural anti-inflammatory effect on your body and helps to keep your pH levels alkaline.


pea protein powder

AIM ProPeas™

AIM ProPeas™ is an all natural vegetable source of protein from non-GMO field peas. Protein keeps body tissues healthy by building, maintaining and repairing the tissues that compose our muscles, organs and immune system. Unlike animal protein, vegetable protein promotes a healthy pH balance. Since most of us do not get enough protein in our diets, ProPeas is a natural healthy choice.

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