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Cabbage Rejuvelac Recipe

Cabbage Rejuvelac – the best probiotic!

The easiest and least expensive way to plant healthy bacteria in the digestive tract is to take cabbage rejuvelac. Cabbage is a vegetable that is loaded with several healthy strains of lactobacteria, including lactobacillus.

Cabbage Rejuvelac Recipe

No starter is needed for making this recipe.

Ingredients: 3 cups of cabbage and 1-3/4 cups of water

1.        Use distilled water or prepare tap water; tap water contains chlorine which will interfere with the production of bacteria. Boil tap water for 30 minutes, uncovered, to remove chlorine, or leave out uncovered jars containing tap water for 24 hours so the chlorine will dissipate out of the water.

2.        Start by blending together 1-3/4 cups of distilled or purified water plus 3 cups of coarsely chopped, loosely packed fresh cabbage.

3.        Start the blender at a low speed and then advance the blender to high speed for 15 seconds or less. Do blend it too much. If the cabbage is too fine it will create a strong tasting rejuvelac.

4.        Pour the mixture into a wide-mouthed jar which allows 1 inch of space above the mixture.

5.        Cover it tightly, and let stand it at room temperature for 3 days.

6.        After 3 days strain off the liquid rejuvelac, saving 1/4 cup for the next batch. The first batch of cabbage rejuvelac takes 3 days to mature, but succeeding batches only take one day (24 hours).

Each morning:

        A-   Strain off the fresh rejuvelac liquid, but set aside 1/4 cup for the next batch. You will be drinking the rejuvelac liquid. You can discard the cabbage or use it to make kimchi – see the Recipe Folder.

         B-    Blend together 1-1/2 cups (Note: this is 1/4 cup less than the first batch) of distilled or purified water plus 3 cups of coarsely ground, loosely packed fresh cabbage, and blend as in #2 above.

        C-    Pour the mixture into a wide-mouthed jar which allows 1 inch of space above the mixture, and add 1/4 cup of the fresh rejuvelac just strained off.

      D-    Cover it tightly, shake well to mix the fresh rejuvelac into the mixture, and let it stand at room temperature until the next morning and repeat from Step a.

Cabbage rejuvelac can also be made without using a blender. Finely chop 2-1/2 cups of cabbage, instead of 1-3/4 cups, but use the same amount of water.

Good quality rejuvelac tastes similar to a cross between carbonated water and the whey obtained when making yogurt. Bad quality rejuvelac has a much more putrid odor and taste and should not be consumed.

Refrigerate rejuvelac if it is to be kept overnight. Discard any rejuvelac on hand 24 hours after it is poured off the cabbage.

Taking Rejuvelac - Drink each day's rejuvelac liquid during the course of the day by taking 1/2 cup three times per day, preferably with meals.

Probiotic supplements are also good for planting good bacteria in the digestive tract. Since 95% of beneficial organisms in the digestive tract are lactobacteria, the simplest form of lactobacillus is recommended. Freeze-dried acidophilus lactobacillus is the most common form available:

Buy acidophilus-lactobacillus that is not based on dairy.

It should be free of: soy, wheat, dairy, sugar, yeast, gluten, and artificial coloring or preservatives.

It should be in dark bottles or opaque containers to avoid deterioration by heat and light, and kept refrigerated, even at the store.


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