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Candida Diets and Programs

The Basis of most Candida Diets and Programs are very similar:

1 - Starve the Candida - If you don't feed it, it won't grow

2 - Boost Your Immune System - To Keep Candida in Balance by eating the right foods and add some supplements

3 - Antifungals - To Kill off the Candida

4 - Probiotics - Replace Good Bacteria in the Digestive Tract

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AIM Herbal Dietary Fibre for Body and Colon Digestive Health

AIM Herbal FiberBlend®

Candida Cleanse Program

6 Weeks to beat your sugar cravings... eliminate candida and permanently ease digestive distress


  • Wake up with energy and enthusiasm every single day
  • Beat the bloat for good
  • Maintain a balanced weight and a clear mind
  • Slash your lifetime chances of Cancer and bowel disease


1 - Five hours of detailed video and audio presentations on how to cleanse, build, and balance your entire body while permanently getting rid of Candida.

2 - Corresponding Handouts and Supporting PDFs for each of the five sessions

3 - Meal plans & shopping lists, plus an additional 55 recipes

4 - Comprehensive FAQ list for every session guaranteed to answer even the toughest of cleansing questions.

5 - Comprehensive TWJ Supplement and Natural Therapies protocol for a host of symptoms. Restocking the medicine cabinet with natural "OTCs".

6 - Quick Link sheet for easy reference

7 - Weekly Encouragement Emails with Tips for Cleansing Success

Candida diet program


You will Learn:


Week ONE: Candida cleanse protocol: our approach, exactly what you can eat and what you can't eat, meal planning, cleansing strategies, and a detailed, highly effective supplement protocol.

Week TWO: Cellular and digestive cleansing including heavy metals, viruses, colonics, oil puling, vitamin IVs, infared saunas, and supporting the liver. We also discuss bad bacteria, parasites, yeast, mold, and fungus in depth.

Week THREE: New ways to make fast, convenient meals while keeping your food interesting. Use food as medicine to heal the thyroid, adrenals, and digestive system. We discuss the emotional roots to physical health issues, addressing the entire person.

Week FOUR: Adrenal fatigue, balancing brain chemistry, Cancer prevention, and detailed thyroid tracking

Week FIVE: Final parts of healing the digestive system including how to repopulate with good bacteria, healing the lining of the gut (get rid of "Leaky Gut"), and rebuilding hydrochloric acid. Details on how to live a balanced, healthy, willpower-free life after the cleanse. This will determine if your cleanse goes for 6 weeks or 8 weeks.


You deserve to live in a vibrant body so that you can do all the things you want to do in life, while feeling your very best.



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