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Liver Health Products


AIM Liver Cleansing Packs

Detoxification allows your body to utilize the healthy nutrition that you provide. Following through with the liver cleansing products results in a natural body cleanse that strengthens your immune system and provides a preventative step against illness.

Liver cleansing products pack 1


Liver AID Pack 1

1 x AIM Herbal FiberBlend (choose Raspberry or Natural Flavour)

1 x AIM LeafGreens

1 x AIM RediBeets

Choose Pack with Blender Bottle or without



products to aid liver health pack 2

Liver AID Pack 2

1 x AIM Herbal FiberBlend (choose Raspberry or Natural Flavour)

1 x AIM Cocoa LeafGreens

1 x AIM RediBeets

Choose Pack with Blender Bottle or without


blender bottle

Prices include delivery

If you wish to purchase extra of a particular item, please email me and let me know before ordering and I can add it to your order so you don't have to pay extra delivery.

Mix your drinks easily using the Blender Bottle. The Blender Bottle has a stainless steel ball inside that makes your drink smooth with no lumps.


These packs contain:

AIM Herbal FiberBlend to clean out the colon to take some of the load off the liver and allowing the intestines to provide the liver all the materials from food that have absorbed in the small intestine.

AIM LeafGreens / Cocoa LeafGreens conain sulforaphane which has been proven to remove toxins.

AIM RediBeets which is the juice of beetroots and has been used for centuries to support the liver esp after hepititis.

A glass of water containing the juice of a fresh lemon or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning should help eliminate junk from the liver and gall bladder by stimulating the production of bile.

Turmeric, curcumin, turmeric root extract is also good for the liver.

AIM Disclaimer
The information contained in this booklet is educational and general in nature and is not intended as legal or medical advice. The subject matter and applicable law in all legal and medical areas is in a constant state of change. The information provided is from general sources, and, although we believe it to be accurate, we cannot represent, guarantee, or warrant that the information contained in this booklet is accurate or is appropriate for the usage of all readers. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Testimonials were gathered from clients who have used AIM products and may not be typical for every person. Results may vary per person.


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AIM Liver Aid Products:

Herbal FiberBlend - Colon Cleansing Herbs

Cocoa LeafGreens - A delicious cocoa nutrient dense greens with a rich source of plant antioxidants




green nutritional powder that kids love

Kids Love it!

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