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Kombucha Miracle Fungus: The Essential Handbook (Paperback)
by Harold W Tietze

Kombucha Book: Kombucha Miracle Fungus - The Essential Handbook

One time best seller and still very much in demand this book introduces the Kombucha technique. Making Kombucha and designing it's flavour and/or efficacy for ones personal enjoyment.

Book Contents

Origin of the Kombucha Fungus Kombucha in the Western World The Many Names of Kombucha Kombucha - Fact or Fiction? Kombucha Nonsense What is Kombucha? Kefir, Yoghurt and Similar Fungi Combucha Kombu-Tea The Kombucha Fungus - a Biological Production Centre Kombucha does not Equal Kombucha - What is the Authentic Kombucha? Can Kombucha be Considered as a Miracle Healing Medium? The Lactic Acid Fermentation The pH of Kombucha How to Brew Your Own Kombucha The Right Temperature The Brewing Pot Continuous Fermentation Process Problems Associated with Kombucha Fermentation Nicotine - Deadly Poison for the Fungus A Separate Fungus in Case of Emergencies What to do Should the Fungus get Tired of Reproducing Kombucha, an Alcoholic Beverage? Can the Fungus be Eaten? Life Span of the Fungus Drying of the Kombucha Fungus Kombucha - Pressed Extract for Diabetics and on Travels How to Store Kombucha Once it has Been Fermented Teaology Which is the Right Tea? Herbal Tea Refinement Through Kombucha Fermentation Which Herbs are Suitable for the Kombucha Process? Do Herbs Have Negative Side Effects? When Should a Medicinal Herbal Tea be Taken? Kombucha Commercial Products Home Made - the Most Important Step for the Healing Process Modern Medicine and Kombucha Kombucha Research Dosage, How Much Should and How Much Can One Drink? Effects of Usage Over Long Periods of Time The Transformation of Sugar in Kombucha Honey Instead of Sugar Kombucha Vinegar Preservation of Kombucha Kombucha - Mixed Beverages Kombucha Champagne Does Kombucha Have Negative Side Effects? A Comparison Between the Immune Strengthening Interferon and Kombucha Can Kombucha Heal Cancer? Pawpaw as Cancer Medicine? Early Detection of Cancer Increases Healing Success Kombucha, Healing Remedy for Asthmatics Sleeping Disorders Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) Prostate Disorders Diabetics and Kombucha Stones - Does Kombucha Dissolve Bladder Stones? Multiple Sclerosis Diarrhoea Chronic Constipation Psoriasis Stomach and Bowel Disorders Fluid in the Legs Cholesterol High Blood Pressure Rheumatism Arthritis Gout Kidney Disorders Chronic Colds Kombucha as a Remedy for Tonsillitis Bronchitis Candida Albicans AIDS The Fungus as a Compress Wounds and Ulcers Beauty Through Kombucha The Kombucha Bath Slimming with Kombucha Kombucha for Youth over 80 Kombucha as a Remedy for Impotence "Doping" with Kombucha Kombucha Adopted by Veterinary Practitioners Epilogue Health is Balance The Oldest - New Age The Miracle Healing of Modern Medicine - Placebo Fasting for Health Instead of Suicide with Knife and Fork Our Home - Environmental Problem No 1 Thanks and Testimonials

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