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Kombucha Teaology by Harald W Tietze

Book on Kombucha Teaology: Over 1001 ways to brew Kombucha for Best Flavour and Maximum Healing

Following the world wide success of Kombucha the Miracle Fungus, this book was written to explain how various teas can be used to enhance the taste and efficacy of Kombucha when brewed at home.

Book Contents

Kombucha The lactic acid fermentation The pH level in Kombucha How to brew your own Kombucha - The basic recipe The ideal fermentation temperature The most suitable brewing containers The continuous fermentation process Problems associated with Kombucha fermentation The transformation of sugar in Kombucha Kombucha vinegar How much should one drink Does Kombucha have side effects Teaology The quality of your brew! Do herbs have negative side effects? When should a medicinal herbal tea be taken? Common teas Herbal teas Mixing different herbal teas Teas for best flavour Teas for general well-being and blood cleansing Illness and herbal treatments Appetite, loss of Anxiety Arthritis Asthma Biliary Tract Infection Bladder Infection Blood Pressure Bronchitis Catarrh Cancer Cholesterol Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) Circulation Problems Constipation, Colds Colic Constipation Cramps Diabetes Diarrhoea Female Ailments Flatulence Gout Hay Fever Headache Heart Palpitations Hepatic Disorders   see Liver complaints Heartburn (Indigestion) Heart ailments Hypertension   see Anxiety Insomnia   see Sleeping disorders Kidney problems Laryngitis (Sore Throat) Liver complaints Menstrual problems   see Female Ailments Migraine Multiple Sclerosis Nervous Tension   see Anxiety Obesity   see slimming Oedema / Water retention Psoriasis Prostate disorders Rheumatism Skin Disorders Sleeping disorders Slimming Stomach and bowel disorders Stones - Does Kombucha dissolve bladder stones? Thrombosis Urinary Pain Caution when using these herbs List of herbs used in this book Explanation of terms Kombucha Nonsense Unsubstantiated comments Rumours, Kombucha Research Placebo Our home is environmental problem No. 1

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