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Is it safe to eat my Organic Kombucha Mushroom?

You don't eat the organic Kombucha mushroom.

You drink the fermented tea it produces, but as there in no kombucha danger, it would be perfectly fine if you were to ingest your Kombucha Mushroom.

The culture or mushroom is composed of a number of bacteria and special yeast cultures in a symbiotic relationship. This living organism ferments sweetened tea to become the Kombucha beverage. The refreshing taste gives one a feeling of well being. The amount of living yeast it contains gives the Kombucha beverage an active life which continues after decanting it into bottles. Kombucha has become increasingly highly regarded as an aid to preventing many illnesses. What is in the tea is in the culture. Some people can't handle the thought of consuming the slippery culture, so they slice them into strips and dehydrate them. Prepared this way, Kombucha mushrooms are sweet and chewy to eat. Consider it an herbal nutrition supplement.

You can feed spare scobies (mushrooms / cultures) to your pets with no ill effect. Most animals love them.

There is a similarity to Kefir in the sense that the Kefir grains are used to ferment milk, it is also recommended to eat the excess grains. The same applies to Kombucha mushroom. Although it is not as popular to consume the culture, I have heard of many people who have ingested their organic kombucha culture.

As a best skin treatment for acne, Kombucha culture can also be applied to the skin.


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